Building Gear for a Paranormal World.

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Haunting of Cellblock 11

Digital Dowsing Goes Hollywood!
Watch Haunting of Cell Block 11 and see if you find
the custom gear we made for this feature length movie!


Something New for ITC?


919709As we have been working our new laser microphone system, it occurred to us that it would lend itself well to a NEW type of ITC. Shown here, our new prototype has a tablet mounted to it. so it fits neatly, even on a small tripod.

So why add a Tablet to a laser mic built for EVP research?
Low cost, lots of people have tablets and they make greatimpartial judges. ???? Judges ????

We are putting the finishing touches on a new software program designed to work with most PC/Tablets: a built-in speech recognition software. Using this method we remove the chances for paradilla from the audio input. This makes it a perfect companion for our EVP mic, Laser EVP Microphone and the Paranormal Toy Box.

This software logs the speech to text files and time stamps each event. The goal is to have a basic system that listens and interrupts at the same every time.

We will offer tripod tablet mounts for most size tablets.

The Software will be available for FREE in July on our “OPEN” site

ITC: it’s always fun to push it a little further.


Coming Soon to Kickstarter…



Paranormal gear should be about exploring the strange and going outside the lines as far as humanly possible!

EM DisruptorNot just copy or drudge of old, but truly pushing the boundaries. Both in imagination and technologies.

Sometimes we get blinded by the short sightedness of others and we stray from our path.
But getting back on track is what makes thing fun.

Meet the EM Disruptor from Digital Dowsing.
This will be the First New Device of 2014 to be sold under the Ovilus TM line of paranormal gear.

It’s not enough to simply build- we have to innovate and thrive. Digital Dowsing is constantly pushing innovation to move farther out on the edge than ever before.

Looking for the most innovated gear found in paranormal research?

Also Open Projects like:

  • Shack Hack
  • Image PX Software
  • The Open Source Spirit Box
  • LED illuminating device for the Arduino.

New projects also like our Laser EVP microphone or our new open source project the “friend,” an open source camera for multi-angle exposure with triggers like EMF, PSI, and Motion.

Digital Dowsing has made a strong commitment to the paranormal community over the years and we plan to continue for many more to come.

Digital Dowsing has consistently lead the way in product and innovation.
From design to manufacturing for the paranormal market place.

Over our eight plus years of manufacture we have produced some of the most iconic devices used today.

  • Paranormal Puck
  • Ovilus Ii
  • EM Pump
  • Reverse EVP
  • EVP Microphone
  • video Ovilus
  • Talker
  • Ovilus
  • Ovilus X
  • DTD
  • Video PX
  • Xcam
  • SEM
  • Ovilus FX
  • PX
  • Ovilus III
  • White Noise EM
  • The ES “Energy Speaker”
  • Thermasound
  • OSD “On Screen Device”
  • “Earth Wave Manifester”

Remember the words of Yoda: There is another ~Bill